The best known attraction in Xi An is the Terracota Warriors.  This is me, practicing my pushing and shoving skills in the traditional manner of boarding a Chinese bus, to go to the dig site.

The warriors and their horses were found in three locations, now called Pits 1, 2, and 3.  Out guidebook suggested visiting these pits in reverse order (3 then 2 then 1), because Pit 1 is by far the most impressive.  Many of the warriors were shard-like (as seen here in Pit 3), but many are also in good condition.

Pit 1, in all its glory.

This is Angela at Pit 1, with legions of troops behind her.  Each warrior is unique, with different features, armor and colors.

Some of the warriors feel the need for a little extra support...

Their horses need support, too.

The warriors were found in modern times by farmers digging a well.  This shows where that well was, in the very corner of Pit 1.
If they had dug a few meters over, perhaps we still wouldn't know about this amazing artistic achievement.
And, it makes you wonder what else is buried under the ground...

There is a museum at the dig site.  These puppets were featured in the Beijing Olympics (in the opening ceremony, I think).
The museum also has other artifacts found in this area, like the gold harnesses below.

On another day trip from Xi An, we went to Hua Shan, a national park with spectacular limestone mountains.

We took the cable car to the top of one of the peaks. To get around all the trails on top of the mountain, it helps to be a mountain goat.

Everything they use on top, and everything you may eat or drink up top, is carried up there by these guys.

That's a lot of steps.

We decided to walk down, to get views like this.

That was a bit of a mistake, though.  It started to rain, and the stone steps got quite slippery.  But, we made it down OK.

Back in town, we saw the old city wall.

And, we got to see Big Goose Pagoda.  Yes, there is also a Little Goose Pagoda, but I won't be showing it to you on this website.

Another look at Big Goose.

Many towns in China had a Drum and a Bell tower.  The bell(s) in the Bell Tower were rung in the morning, and the drum(s) in the Drum Tower were sounded at Dusk.
This is a view of the Xi An Bell Tower from the Drum Tower.


This is the Drum Tower at night.