Vancouver in the sunlight.  Canada Place is the sail-shaped roof in the foreground.

This is the Lion's Gate Bridge.  North Vancouver is in the background and another cruise ship is passing under the bridge.

Canada Place as we went into the dock.

We spent a few hours with friends of the family, who took us to see Queen Elizabeth Park, which is situated on a hill.  From there I got this nice shot of the skyline.

Part of the park is an old quarry.  They designed the garden to make the most of the remaining landscape.

This is a dogwood tree.  We were impressed because we remember the dialog of the movie, "The American President."  Remember?  Well, all heavy duty Aaron Sorkin fans will recall the President trying to send flowers to Annette Bening, and trying to find out the state flower of Virginia.  He's told it's the dogwood, but then someone else thinks the dogwood is a tree.  Then the smartest guy on his staff says, "It's a tree and a flower."  Well, here's the tree...

...and here's the flower.

At the summit of the park is a great sculpture of a tourist taking pictures of other tourists.  One of the statues was stolen for awhile, but now it's all back in place.
And guess what was taking place a few minutes before we saw this statue? (see below)