The skyline of Abu Dhabi is resplendent in glass and steel. It is an architect's dream come true - at least an architect that likes a modern style.

There are still signs of tradition, though. This mosque, though new, is in a traditional style - well at least sem-tradtonal. The flag above it is visible from all along the corniche, the beach front street of Abu Dhabi.

At the end of the corniche the Abu Dhabi Palace Hotel is under construction. It's advertised as the world's second 7 star hotel...

The first is in Dubai, 120 Km down the coast. It's called the Burj Al Arab, and is build on a small artificial island.

Here we are, taking pictures of ourselves at a cafe of the Beach Hotel, right next to the Burj Al Arab.

Dubai is undergoing a huge building boom. These high rises are part of the Dubai Marina. It looks big and impressive, but is small potatoes compared to what's on the drawing board and under construction. That includes two artifical islands that look like palm trees and one that looks like a map of the world.

Camel's are still quite respected in UAE. They are raced in some parts of the country, and statues are built to them in Dubai.

Of course, Tiger's are popular, too. Or at least this one was at the Dubai Desert Classic. He didn't win, but he finished strong.

This is the Gold Souk, or market, in Dubai. It looks a little like Las Vegas, but all the gold items for sale put sin city to shame.