We worked in Ankara, Turkey, but traveled to a number of beautiful places.  The first batch of pictures are from Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople.  

The Topkapi Palace

Agia Sophia.

The Blue Mosque.

A Brigde Across the Bosphorus.  Remind me to tell you about how Kyle tried to drive a mile back to his hotel and ended up on the wrong continent...

Travertine Pools near Pamukkale.

The ruins of Ancient Troy, complete with a recreation of the Trojan Horse (see third picture).

Ruins of one of the wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum.  This is near the city of Bordrum.  

These pictures are from the area of Cappadocia.  Many of the caves / underground cities here were created by early Christians in an effort to avoid persecution.  The "Fairy Chimneys" are a beautiful natural formation.

We stayed in a hotel dug out of the rocks, with friends Bob and Michelle.

Pictures from the ruins of Ephesus.  The buildings are in pretty good shape, especially the Library (below).

Now we're near Gallipoli, where a pivotal battle of World War1 was fought.  The British / New Zeeland / Australian forces were defeated, and Ataturk became a living legend.

A memorial showing part of a speech given by Ataturk after the war was over.

King Midas' tomb.  Yes, there really was a King Midas; I'm not sure where the whole, "Turns things into gold," myth got started...