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Taipei 101, soon the be the World's Tallest Building.  It's scheduled to open in November 2003.
The building you see on the right is the hotel we stay in in Taiwan.

There is a road hugging the Eastern Coastline of Taiwan will beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.
The scene here is from a roadside turnout, showing an ocean frothing with anger for unknown reasons. 

This fort, build by the Portuguese about 200 years ago in the city of Tamshui. 
This is reachable from Taipei by the Metro system, and on a clear day it has a great view of the Northern Coast.

Taipei's main tourist attraction is the Taroko Gorge area, where a river has been kind enough to expose cliffs of solid marble.
All the bridges in the national park are painted shades of red.  This picture was taken from the six-storied pagoda you see later in this picture gallery.

More of the lovely Marble Cliffs of Taroko Gorge.

The six-storied Pagoda, standing above a statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy.
After you make it to the top of the stairs to visit her, you are certainly ready to beg for a little of that mercy...

The road through the National Park is being renovated.  This is one section of the old road,
built in the 1950's at the cost of over 200 lives and almost 1000 injuries.  Now tunnels are being dug deeper
into the mountains, taking away some of the scenery but avoiding a few rocks falling on cars.
This section is now open to pedestrian traffic; heads up!