Songs with Ladies Names   

As a public service, I'd like to come up with a list of songs which feature lady's names.  That way, all the romeos in the world can check the list and know how to impress the women in their lives

For this list, e-mail me title and artists here, including what name or e-mail address you'd like me to post with your suggestion.  I'll post all the ones I receive, including my assessment of the chance these songs have of impressing a woman.


Title and Artist

Will it Impress?



Alice's Restaurant, Arlo Gutherie

It's a folk classic!  I don't know the words, though, so I don't know if it will impress a lady or not.

Rich D.


Allison, Elvis Costello

Allison Road, Gin Blossoms

Allison's Starting to Happen, Leamonheads

Avoid the address, go with Elvis (Costello). Though ME says that the Leamonheads' tune is a perfect second date song...



Amanda, Boston

 A pretty good one, very romantic - plus rockin' guitars.



Amy, Pure Prairie League

 Fairly romantic tome, though it's hard to make someone feel good towards you by twanging, "Amy, what you gonna do?"



Angie, Rolling Stones

Mambo #5, Lou Bega

Angie, Helen Ready

Rolling Stones: unlikely.  Mick is singing about breaking up with Angie, after all.  I don't know the Helen Ready song, though...



Henry L.

 Ann Annie Get Your Gun, Squeeze

Annie's Song, John Denver.

Squeeze is not very romantic, but a great song.  Give it a try.  John Denver's song is good if the folk vibe is palatable to your ears. Hal H.

Rich D.


Arizona, Mark Lindsay

I don't know the song, but if you find a woman named Arizona, she should be awfully impressed you have researched this song for her.

Rich D.


Athena, The Who

No, no, no.  Well, maybe if you sing just the title word over and over again and don't play the actual song.



Aubrey, Bread

I don't know the song, so use at your own risk

Rich D.

Barbara Ann

Barbara Ann, Beach Boys

Sure, why not? I mean, it's a classic, even though most people think they're saying, "Barber Ran."



Bernadette, The Four Tops

The song didn't manage to make the name popular, so user beware.

Henry L.

Billie Jean

Billie Jean, Michael Jackson

Maybe.  I don't find it very romantic, but at least the kids can dance to it.


Blue Jean

Blue Jean, David Bowie

Is anyone really named Blue Jean? I didn't think so.


 Brandy  Brandy by Looking Glass  Absolutely.  It's a fabulous song and very romantic, a woman pining for her sea-faring love.  AND, I'm terribly embarrassed I didn't think of it myself. Mike K.


Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, Billy Joel

Brenda, The Embers

Billy Joel's is good song about a bad relationship.  Don't use it for courtship unless the woman really likes pasta.  I don't know about the Embers.


David G.

 Candy  Candy Says, the Velvet Underground  It probably requires the right woman. ME


Carmen (the Opera), ??

They Don't Sing Like Carmen No More, Jimmy Buffett

Depends on the lady's taste.  The Opera will appeal to some, and Jimmy Buffett will work for female Parrotheads.



Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond

Carrie Anne, The Hollies

Carrie Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Cliff Richards

To Neil Diamond: Yup, absolutely.  A classic. I don't know about Carrie Anne, but be sure to check the lady's middle name before trying. And I also can't vouch for the Cliff Richards tune


Henry L.

Kathy E.


Cecilia, Simon and Garfunkel

Not a good idea.  "When I come back to bed, someone's taken my place," is not romantic.


Chaka Khan

I Feel for You, Chaka Khan

What, you think there's no one else named Chaka Khan out there?



Charlotte Sometimes, The Cure

It's nice, moody, and the words are indecipherable, so sure, go ahead.



Oh, Chere (Sherri?), Steve Perry

Yeah, why not.  Once you get past the, "I shoulda been gone" bits at the end, it's pretty endearing.



Cheryl, Bob Lind

No idea; Try it if you like.

Henry L.


Sister Christian, Night Ranger

The perfect song to impress motorin' girls named after popular religions.

Rich D.


Christy Lee, Billy Joel

This is a tough call, but I'd say no.  The Christy Lee in the song isn't the type of woman you'd take home to Mama.


 Claudia Claudia, The View ME says it's a pretty song. ME
 Corrina Corrina Corrina, Bob Dylan A classic if you like Dylan and if you find someone called Corrina she'll probably be named after the song ME
 Daisy Jane Daisy Jane, America I don't know the song, but at least if she's a blond headed woman you can always fall back on "Sister Golden Hair." Rich D.


Fire, Bruce Springsteen (and others)

Samson & Delilah, Saint Sans

You can't go too wrong with Fire, and the classical tunes will appeal to others.  So you're in good shape with Delilah, if you can find her.


 Denise  Randy and the Rainbows  A doo-wop classic, for that doo-wop darling out there. David G.


Jack and Diane, John Mellencamp

Only if the lady in question still wears Bobbi Brooke's Jeans.


 Domino Domino, Van Morrison Oh, Domino!  It's a cryptic song, but it's easy on the ears and great to dance to; I give it an 87. Rich D.
 Donna  Oh Donna, Richie Valens  The way Richie's voice nearly breaks will break anyone's heart. David G.


Come on Eileen, Dexy's Midnight Runners

I think so.  I mean, the only happier, bouncy song out there is "Walking on Sunshine."  A friend of a friend named Eileen has told me she hates this song, though, because everyone she meets starts singing it to her, so use with caution.



Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles

I'd say no. You don't want to tell a woman she keeps her face in a jar by the door.



Fr Elise, Ludwig von Beethoven

No words to interrupt the message; a keeper.  I mean, if you can't impress a woman with a lovely song like that, it's just not gonna happen.



Elvira Madigan, Wolfgang Amandeus Mozert

Elvira, Oak Ridge Boys

When faced with a choice like this, always go with the little boy from Salzburg.



Beth, Kiss

Probably only good if you are a rock star and are spending too much time in the studio.



Mambo #5, Lou Bega

I think so.  I mean, the only happier, bouncy songs out there is, "Walking on Sunshine" and "Come on Eileen."  If you're the demure type of man, though, this song might be a shade too erotic for ya.


 Evageline  Evageline, Mathew Sweet  I don't know.  If you're a Mathew Sweet fan, I'll let you decide for yourself. Hal H.


Faleena, Marty Robbins

See comments about "Arizona," above.

Rich D.


Frankie and Johnny, Many Artists

Yeah, why not...



Gloria, Laura Branigan

Yeah, why not...



Guinevere, CSN

Only if the lady in question has green eyes.



Henrietta, The Fratellis

Good song, pretty name.



Jane, Jefferson Starship

Games without Frontiers, Peter Garbiel

Happy Birthday, Jane, The Enemy

Absolutely (to Startship)!  No, it's not too romantic, but it's a great song.  For Peter Gabriel, you'll have to take your own chances, I can't decide. Finally, if it's Jane's birthday, you know what to do.


Pat G.



Planet Schmanet, Janet - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dammit, Janet - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Good songs, sure, but the words, "Schmanet" and "Dammit" really don't have the romantic quality I'd feel comfortable recommending.

Rich D.

Jean Little Jeanie, Elton John

Jean, Oliver

The Elton John song is sweet, and the "I want you to be my acrobat," line definitely gets the point across.  As to the Oliver song, I hear it's a beautiful song, simply the best - from a man who's wife's name is Jean. MJ

Henry L.


Mambo #5, Lou Bega

I think so.  I mean, the only happier, bouncy songs out there is, "Walking on Sunshine" and "Come on Eileen."  If you're the demure type of man, though, this song might be a shade too erotic for ya.



867-5309 (Jenny), Tommy Tutone

Jenny - Gordon Lightfoot

Jennifer Juniper - Donovan

No, probably not for Tommy Tutone.  It's a great song, but you don't want to tell a woman you got her phone number from a bathroom wall.  I don't know about the Lightfoot or Donovan songs.


Henry L.

Jennifer W.


Joey, Concrete Blond

Yeah, why not...



Jolene, Dolly Parton

No.  I mean, Jolene is stealing Dolly's man away - really bad karma.



Josephine, Terrorvision

Good for a rock chick with a bit of imagination.



Suite Judy Blue Eyes, CSN

I guess so; I don't remember them saying Judy in the whole song...


 Julia  Julia, The Beatles  "So I sing a song of love, Julia,"  my my.  This song is solid gold, romantically speaking. Hal H.


Fire, Bruce Springsteen and others

Sure.  "When we kiss, fire," is a nice thing to say.



Kathy's Waltz, Dave Brubeck Quartet

Kathy's Song, Simon & Garfunkel

What Katy Did Next, Babyshambles

Yes to both. Dave Brubeck's waltz has no words, so not chance of being offensive, and it's a sweet melody. And Simon and Garfunkel harmonizing is romantic no matter what words they're singing. For Katy, it may work, but it's a long shot. Kate Moss might like it.

Rich D., ME

 Kayleigh  Kayleigh, Marillion  Well, it's sort of an autopsy of a failed relationship, but it's such a beautiful song I'd say go for it.  After all, finding a woman named Kayleigh is the hard part.  Thanx for this on, Hal; I'd forgotten about it for too long. Hal H.


The Kelly Song, Woody Harrelson

I think so.  It'd be good for a laugh anyhow.



Kristie, Bobby Vinton

No idea.

Henry L

Laura Laura, Billy Joel

Think of Laura, Christopher Cross

I'd say no to both.  The first is a nice song, but using Billy Joel's only deployment of the F-Bomb to impress a woman might not work.  In the other, she's dead, dude! MJ


Ah! Leah!  Donnie Iris

Sure.  He does say Leah is looking, "better than a body has a right to."



All for Lena, Billy Joel

No; more unhealthy relationship music from Mr. Joel.



Leyla, Derek and the Dominos

Well, it's not quite romantic, but it's pretty powerful all the same.


 Lil  Rocky Raccoon, the Beatles  Not much romantically, I'm afraid, but a nice song for the special lady named McGill, who calls herself Lil, but everyone knows as Nancy. Hal H.


Go Down Easy, Dan Fogelberg

Looking for Linda, Hue & Cry

For the Dan F. song, probably not; the song starts with, "Linda lost a lover / in the early part of autumn." For Hue & Cry, ME says it's an eighties classic.




Lisa, Jesse Coulter

No recommendation available.

Henry L.


Lola, The Kinks

Copacabana, Barry Manilow

 No way, Romeo! "I know what I am and man I'm a man and so's Lola?" Just say no.  Copacabana's better, but things don't turn out so well in that song, either.


Hal H.

Lois Lane

Pocket Full of Kryptonite, Spin Doctors

If you know a woman named Lois Lane, unless you're Superman you're in big trouble.  This song won't improve your chances at all.


 Louise  Louise, Human League I don't know the song, but at least someone is looking out for women named after their Granfather Lou. Kathy E.
 Lorraine Lorraine, Bad Manners Give it a go. ME
 Lotte  Games without Frontiers, Peter Gabriel You'll have to figure it out for yourself; I can't decide. Pat G.

Lucille / Lucy

Lucille, Chuck Berry

Lucille, Kenny Rogers

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, The Beatles

When Lucy's Down, Kingmaker

Neither Lucille song is exactly romantic. For the Beatles, depends on the strength of the drugs you are ingesting. Finally, the Kingmaker song let's you show your empathetic side in the form of loud guitars

David G.



 Mandy Mandy, Barry Manilow  Especially helpful when dating Mandy Moore. Hal H.

Maria (Mary)

Ave Maria, Schubert (and others)

My Beautiful Maria, Antonio Banderas

Mambo #5, Lou Bega

My Maria, Brooks and Dunn

Mary, The Subways

I Just Met a Girl Named Maria

Stick with Ave Maria.  It's a classic.


Hal H.


Robin & Robbie Bruncher

 Margaret Maggie May, The Beatles

Maggie Mae, Rod Stewart

The Beatles, no.  Stay away from songs that include, "My dirty, no good, lovin' {woman's name}."  The Rod Stewart song is a classic, true, but unless you really want to emphasize the damage a woman did to your bed, it's probably not a good idea. Henry L.

Mike K.


They Call the Wind Mariah, the musical "Paint your Wagon"

Hmm... I guess it's not a bad force of weather to compare a woman to; better than the Scorpion's "Rock you Like a Hurricane."



Martha, My Dear, The Beatles

Martha's Harbour, All About Eve

Absolutely for the Beatles; it's a sweet song. ME says the All About Eve is also wonderful.


 Mary Anne (or Marianne) Mary Anne, Marshall Crenshaw

Marianne, Terry Gilkyson & the Easy Riders (1957)

The Blizzard, Jim Reeves (1964)

So Long Marianne, Leonard Cohen
Well of these four, I'd recommend the Terry Gilkyson & the Easy Riders song.  At least it's about a boy who's interested in a girl; The Blizzard is guys freezing in a blizzard and Leonard Cohen is parting ways with Marianne. Hal H.

Mary Anne Landers

Mary Anne Landers


Mary Jane

Mary Jane, Alanis Morrsette

Mary Jane, Spin Doctors

Neither are that romantic.


 Mary Lee  Mary Lee, The Rainbows  No idea; I've never heard it. David G.
 Mary Lou Hello, Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson  Well, the Mary Lou in the song doesn't sound so sweet ("Hello, Mary Lou / Goodbye Heart.").  So, I'd say probably not. Mike K.


Waltzing Mathilda, Every Single Aussie in the World

Sure, especially if she's Australian.


McGill  Rocky Raccoon, the Beatles  Not much romantically, I'm afraid, but a nice song for the special lady named McGill, who calls herself Lil, but everyone knows as Nancy. Hal H.


Melissa, Almond Brothers Band

"Sweet Melissa" is all you need to know.



In the Mood, Robert Plant

Depends on the woman.  She may find the line, "I'm in the mood for a Melody" funny, but I wouldn't count on it.



Melanie, Weird Al Yankovich

Not if it were the last song on Earth.  Songs about stalkers and stalkees are not romantic.



Michelle (my Belle), The Beatles

 Excellent! Almost worth finding a woman named Michelle so you can sing this song to her.


 Molly  Good Golly, Miss Molly

Ob La Di, Ob La Da, The Beatles

Molly's Chamber, Kings of Leon

 Neither of the first two is really that romantic, but the singer is certainly impressed by Molly in each case. ME says the third is a good tune. Luster G.

Hal H.


Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa, Nat King Cole (?)

Mona Lisa, the Galactic Cowboys

Perfect for the woman who smiles at everything.


Luster G.


Mambo #5, Lou Bega

Only if she Mambos.


 Nadine  Chuck Berry  I'm not familiar with the song, but I think it's probably better to use this song than the Kim Basinger movie to impress a lady named Nadine. NadinePhyllis


Rocky Racoon, The Beatles

For Nancy, Peter Yorn

 The Beatles tune is not much romantically, I'm afraid, but a nice song for the special lady named McGill, who calls herself Lil, but everyone knows as Nancy. ME thinks the Yorn tune is brilliant.



Darling Nicky, Prince and the Revolution

Uh... no.  No, no, not on your life. 



Polythene Pam, The Beatles

Mambo #5, Lou Bega

 The Beatles tune may be the perfect song for Pamela Anderson, but otherwise beware.



Paula, Paul and Paula

Absolutely!  It's as romantic as a pair of singers with the cutsy names Paul and Paula.

Henry L.


Peaches, The Stranglers

ME says this is the perfect tune in case you meet Bob Geldof's daughter.



Peggy Sue, Buddy Holly

Peg, Steely Dan

Buddy's song is a safe bet coming from a hip cat romeo.  Peg is perfect if the lady's favorite color is blue.


 Polly  Polly, Nirvana  Only for a woman who's a big Nirvana fan. ME
 Prudence  Dear Prudence, The Beatles  I suspect this falls into the, "Everyone sings that song to me" category.  Try "Afternoon Delight" by the Starlight Vocal Band instead. Hal H.
Rhiannon Rhiannon, Fleetwood Mac I say sure.  I don't know what Stevie Nicks is singing about, but she sounds great singing it. Kayleigh Green


Help Me, Rhonda, The Beach Boys

Maybe; "Help me Rhonda (yeah) get her out of my heart," is nice, but it doesn't make Rhonda feel very special.


 Rio  Rio, Duran Duran  "Her name is Rio, and she dances on the sand..." Where the heck did these nice British boys find a woman named Rio?  Hal H.


Lovely Rita Metermaid, The Beatles

Mambo #5, Lou Bega

 Well, the Beatles' song is a nice tune, but you might want to stop the record after the bit about taking some tea with me.


RobinRockin' Robin, The Jackson FiveIt's a little bit sappy, but I guess it'll do.Robin and Robbie Bruncher


Rosanne, Toto

Why not?  It's a great song, and there doesn't seem to be a good or bad message being passed on.


Rosalyn Sweet Rosalyn, Sheryl Crow If the lyric, "Sweet Rosalyn, sometimes you gotta give in," matches your intentions, go for it. MJ


Scarborough Fair, Simon and Garfunkel

Only if the lady is also into parsley, sage, and thyme.



Roxanne, The Police

Depends on the woman.  The chorus sounds OK, just stay away from the bits about the "Red Light" and "Sell You Body to the Night."



Ruby, Kenny Rogers

Ruby Tuesday, Rolling Stones

Ruby, Kaiser Chiefs

Kenny:  Good for a country couple, focusing on the lyric, "Ruby - don't take your love to town."  As to Rolling Stones, I'd say probably not since he's saying good bye to Ruby T. ME says the Kaiser Chiefs are sure to impress.


Mike K.


 Sacha  Games without Frontiers, Peter Gabriel You'll have to figure it out for yourself; I can't decide. Pat G.
 Sadie  Sexy Sadie, The Beatles As the ad says, "When a silly moment becomes the right moment..." Hal H.


Mustang Sally, The Commitments (and others)

Sally (Be My Girl), The Police

Lay Down Sally, Eric Clapton

For "Mustang Sally," only if you're courting Sally Ride.  For the Police, no way, no how.  For Mr. Clapton, only if you are feeling lucky, so to speak.



Mike K.


 Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee, Olivia Newton-John

Mambo #5, Lou Bega

Neither is terrific, but at least Mambo #5 is upbeat.



Sarah, Fleetwood Mac

Welcome to the Room, Sarah, Fleetwood Mac

Sara Smile, Hall and Oates

I'd stick with Hall and Oates; very romantic.


 Sarah Jane  Me and Sarah Jane, Genesis  The lyrics talk about a coming ice age and the pain of relationships; I'd say stick with one of the "Sarah's" above. Hal H.


Savannah, Shooter Jennings

I've never heard it, so I'll leave the use of this song to the user's discretion.

Jeff R.


Shannon, Henry Gross

It's a great song if you like high-pitched vocals.

Henry L.


My Sharona, The Knack

Not if you're over 16, and even teenagers may want to think twice.


 Sheila  Sheila, Tommy Roe  Only if the woman in question has blue eyes and a pony tail. David G.
 Shelly  Shelly Brown, Shack  ME says this song is brilliant ME
 Sherry  Sherry, Frankie Vali and the Four Seasons  How can anyone not like a song with the lyrics, "Mmm, you look so fine"? Hal H.


Stella, The Tubes

Only if your name is Stanley Kowalski...


Sue /
Susan /

Runaround Sue, Donnovan

Muskrat Love, The Captain and Tennille

Susan, Buckinghams

Inside Susan, Pulp

Are you nuts (for Donnovan)? Only if you want to end the relationship, and right quick at that.  Muskrat Love is much better, as long as the lady in question doesn't mind being compared to varmit.  I don't know anything about the Buckingham's or Pulp's song, so I'll leave that to the users to decide.


Hal H.

Henry L.


 Suki  Games without Frontiers, Peter Gabriel You'll have to figure it out for yourself; I can't decide. Pat G.


Fire and Rain, James Taylor

Wake Up Little Suzy, Everly Brothers

O Susanna, traditional

Stay away from James T. (She's dead in the song, dude.) "Wake up," isn't too romantic, but it is a nice teen rebellion motif.  And "O Susanna," only for those moving to Alabama with their banjo.


Taylor Taylor, Jack Johnson Very romantic if you don't listen to the words.  If you do, not so much so. MJ


Mambo #5, Lou Bega

Only if the lady in question Mambos.



Tracy, The Cuff Links

Reaching deep into the way back file for this one; you'll have to make up your own mind.

Henry L.

 Valerie Valerie, Steve Winwood

Valerie, The Zutons / Amy Winehouse

For Steve W., sure; why not? ME thinks the other song is a bit cliched. MJ


 Venus Venus, Bobby Vee (or  Bananarama) Maybe, maybe.  It's a catchy tune, anyhow. Henry L.
 Vera  Vera, Pink Floyd  As Hal says, "It's from The Wall, so romance is out of the question."  Unless we're talking about "Young Lust..." Hal H.


Veronica, Elvis Costello

Sure; why not?


 Victoria  Victoria, The Kinks  The submitter says it's great for women who like to hear their name repeated repetitively. VL


Only the Good Die Young, Billy Joel

Virginia, Train

Tell you what. Call up Mr. Joel, and if he says it worked for him, then you try it.  Train's song I'm not familiar with, so use at your own risk.


Hal H.

 Wendy Wendy, The Association

Wendy, The Beach Boys.

For the Association: absolutely!  Especially if the lady in question has stormy eyes that flash at the sound of lies.  And then, the Beach Boys are sort of an acquired taste, I'll let you decide that one for yourself. Rich D.

Henry L.

 Yoko  The Ballad of John and Yoko, The Beatles

 Be My Yoko Ono, Barenaked Ladies

Which one you choose depends on if you are staying at the Amsterdam Hilton or not... MJ

Hal H.