Saint Martin (French) / Sint Maarten (Dutch) share an island in the Eastern Caribbean.  
So, you get two separate cultures for the price of one plane ticket; what could be better than that, right?  
It certainly looks nice from the air (we're looking at Phillipsburg, the capital of the Dutch side)...

However, in practice, the island leaves something to be desired.  The traffic is horrendous, making you feel like you've never left home.

We stayed on the French side, in Margot.  This is our hotel (not the auto supply part, the Fantastic Guest House part).  It is quite comfrotable and clean.

A statue / fountain in Margot.

The French built a fort to defend the island; I guess it didn't discourage the Dutch.

The view from the fort is fantastic.  This is the marina in Marigot.  Phillipsburg can be seen in the background.