Ah, Skagway and the White Pass and Yukon Route!  It's a great place to visit.
This steam engine was the first to make the trip from Skagway into Canada at the top of White Pass.
The railway was started during the Gold Rush, but by the time it started running up the mountain the rush was over.

This is the best picture I took in the five week trip: look at the reflection of the train in the closest window.

Another train, below us, as we came back down from the summit.

Our train entering a tunnel.

This bridge is no longer used; the train crosses a modern bridge and then goes through a tunnel.  But that gives you a good view of the old tressel.

At the summit, the engines have to switch sides so they are in the front of the train again.

This is another train on the high road as we were on the low road.

A lower tressel, with a nice mountain behind.

This is the Lynn Canal and our ship, far below.  The Lynn Canal is misnamed, it is actually a fjord.

Skagway is a nicely preserved Victorian town.