Welcome to Singapore.  This is the symbol of the city, the Merlion.  Part lion, part fish... what's not to like?

Singapore has a great zoo and a fabulous bird park.  These lovely parrots are from the later, as are the bird below.

Pink Falmengo, anyone?

This statue is just wonderful, I think.

And now, modern Singapore.  I think there's more steel and glass per acre in Singapore than in any other country.

Some colonial architecture survives, along with a somewhat overweight bird.

Durians are forbidden on public transportation.  They are a smelly, smell fruit.  Some compare their bouquet to soiled tube socks; others fine them less pleasant smelling.  I'm told they taste great, but my nose has never allowed me to find out.

Nearby Sentosa Island features a great aquarium, which has a wing featuring a conveyor belt. 
You hop on and ride underneath the tanks full of wonderful fish.  That's where we met this big guy.

The Raffles hotel is a colonial institution.  The Long Bar makes you feel like you walked into a M. Somerset Maughm story.