Ah, Santorini!  The jewel of the Aegean, the most beautiful island a Civil Engineer could ever design, even if you gave him three years and an unlimited expense account to work on it!  Though it lacks some of the Hellenistic architecture of the rest of Greece, but you don't go to Santorini for the history lesson of it: you go because of it's spectacular scenery and charming modern villages clinging perilously to the cliffs.  This picture shows the ship we were on one afternoon, sailing from the crescent-shaped main island to the volcanically active new islands in the center. 

Here we are on the boat as sunset approaches.  Though many rave about the beautiful light of Istanbul as the sun goes low, no one produces a sunset like Santorini does. 

This is the village of Ia, near the northern end of the crescent-shaped main island.  We stayed in  this village.

In a little villa that looked something like this.  The whiter-than-white walls of the villas and the bright colorful doors are found many places in Greece, but they are perfectly suited to cliff-side living in Santorini.

There's Kyle, trying to suntan without sunburning.  Good luck, dude!

The village on the cliff top is Fira, the largest settlement on the island.  The white path you see zigzaggin up the cliff is used by donkeys and people, though there's also a cable car to make the trip (for the people only, luckily).  The very fresh rock in the foreground is no more than a few hundred years old, reminding all of the huge eruption over 3000 years ago that left Santorini in its present shape.

These wind eaten cliffs look over a beach that I would recommend y'all try when you're on Santorini, near the southern edge of the crescent on the outside of the caldera.  The water is just fine, and the sand is like salt and pepper, though neither that white or black.  It's a great spot on a great island.