We're in Mombossa, on the coast of Kenya.  
The next picture is of a volcanic crater on the crazy bus ride back to Nairobi.

Our first Safari was to Lake Nakuru.  We saw giraffes...


...pelicans and flamingoes...

...and a rhino with birds in tow.  Then on to Masi Mara (next few pictures):

A sleepy female lion.

And a lazy cheetah.

This is Lake Turkana, in Northern Kenya, where many early humanoids (including the famous Lucy) were found.  
We rode for about a week in the truck you see below.

Then, it was off to Tanzania.  We hiked up Mt. Kilamanjaro in 3.5 days, back down in 1.5 days. This is us resting after the furst day...

The hut after day two.

Us waking up about midnight for the final climb.

Me, on the crater of Kili, but not yet at the highest point.
Below is the quickly disappearing glacier on the summit.

Finally, the highest point in Africa.  Wow.