Saba (Say-bah) is a tiny island in the Eastern Caribbean.  It's five square miles and is home to about 1500 people.
We'll start this photo essay with the historic way to land on Saba:  row into Ladder Bay and climb the stairs.  
These are the stairs, and...

...and this is the "beach" at Ladder Bay.

Today, it you arrive by boat, you'll dock at Fort Bay.  This is also the industrial side of Saba, with a power plant and gas station.

We stayed in Windewardside, where most of the tourist services are (hotels, restaurants, etc).  
The white homes with red roofs are adorable (see detail below).

This is the Trail Shoppe in Windwardside.  From here, we hiked to the other main village on the island, The Bottom, along the Crispeen Track.

Crispeen was a nice, shady place to hike.

This is The Bottom.  It's the administrative home of Saba, as well as the home of the medical school that brings in hundreds of students every year.

There is a beautiful little church in The Bottom, that has this exquisite mural behind the alter.
The two cherubs in the upper left of this picture are modeled off real kids on Saba.

The way most people get from The Bottom to Windewardside or anywhere else on the island is along The Road.  
It was built over almost 20 years under the leadership of Josephus Lambert Hassell.  
Below is a monument to the man, refering to his signature pith helmet.

Mr. Hassell also designed and built his house in Windwardside.  It's still there, but now is shoppes and restaurants.

Saba is an extinct volcano, as these igneous rocks can attest.
The central volcanic core is called Mt Scenery, seen in the background of this picture.

The trail to the top of Mt. Scenery is 1064 steps more or less straight up.
Mt. Scenery is also the highest point in the Netherlands.

This is the view of Windwardside from a point near the top of Mt. Scenery.

We hiked the Sandy Cruz trail all around the island.  These "Elephant Ears" are one of the most common plants on Saba.

The trail ended at The Bottom again.  Overlooking town is this hotel and restaurant.  Their pool/porch has a great view.

And now, we'll go to the other side of the island, towards the airport.
This is a hotel at about the highest point of the village of Hell's Gate.

While in the taxi to the airport, we saw this very impressive iguana sitting on the side of The Road.

The airport features the shortest commercial runway in the world.  

And one last look.  This is Angela and I posed in front of the a monument at the round-a-bout in front of the airport, and the end of The Road.
If you want to see more of The Road, I recommend this video created by Jumbie Designs:
Alas, it originally used "Road to Nowhere" by Talking Heads, but now has a different, less appropriate soundtrack.