The island of Rhodos is the easternmost of the Greece islands and has some of the best sights in the entire country.  There are great beaches, great cuisine and shopping, and great historic sites.  In the last category is the Acropolis of Lindos, about mid way along the east coast of Rhodos.  Though it's temples are not in as good a shape as Athen's are, it's still an impressive collection of marble rubble.

And it has a great view from the top.  The day we were there it was hot, so you may see some heat waves rising up off the harsh landscape surrounding this lovely bay.

In the city of Rhodos, there is a immaculately preserved / restored palace known as the Palace of the Grand Masters.  This statue is in the interior... is this mosaic.  This mosaic wasn't placed here by the Romans, though; it was placed on a nearby island and moved here by the modern Italians during the era of WWII, with the intention of making this Palace Mussolini's summer place.

This is the courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Masters.

You can also join a semi-guided tour to walk the city's ancient walls.  It's a great way to see the whole city, as well as marvel at what large scale building projects were accomplished before the advent of the bulldozer and crane.

This little cafe is typical of what you find wandering around the labyrinth of the old city of Rhodos.  It's absolutely beautiful - but be prepared to get lost for long stretches of the day.

This fort along the harbor is of a more recent vintage than the Palace of the Grand Masters - but it hasn't been as well maintained.

The small dear in the foreground - and his twin on the other side of the harbor entrance, occupy the spot where the feet of the Colossus of Rhodes was thought to have stood.  The deer look nice and all, but I think I'd rather have the Colossus back...

One more picture of old town.  In this square you'll find one of the greatest crepe shoppes in the known world.  For you Mudders out there, its almost the Foster's Donuts of crepes.  Check it out, when you get the chance.