Petra is an ancient city hewn from the rock of several canyons in southern Jordan. The buildings range from fairly simple facades like this...

To large spaces behinds brilliant facades. This particular building was made more famous by Steven Spielberg in "Indian Jones and the Last Crusade." Thanx, Steve!

The carving is beautiful, and the stone looks different depending on the time of day.

We wandered back to our hotel via a shortcut on our last day there; it became an extremely narrow and sometimes wet canyon which we were not at all sure was going to lead back to the main path and the hotel. But, instead of back tracking we went on bravely, avoiding major injury, scampering over some rocks and squeezing between others and made it back to tell the tale. Alas, we were freaked out enough we forgot to take any pictures, so look at this tomb with Corinthian columns instead.