Observations of Greece #2

Its poetry corner this time around, kiddies.  Enclosed is a poem I just wrote, inspired by trying to learn to speak a little Greek in our time here.  The second poem I wrote when Angela and I were in Africa last year, but with the weather warming up again and the sun beating down, it seems appropriate to Greece, too.  The first is called, Ode to Speaking a Foreign Language, the second, Ode to Sunscreen.  They are part of a book I want to write someday, to be entitled, Ive Been Down this Ode Before.

The next in this series will be a little less poetic, I promise.

Ode to Speaking a Foreign Language

Now I approach life phonetically

Rather than faux poetically

Since abandoning my beloved native tongue.


My lips trip so pathetically

And all smile sympathetically

As I talk like a clock whose spring has sprung.


When I do speak, its indelicately

My listeners need help medically

Their ears get seared as I cough up a lung


O to cry out again pedantically

To stop working so hard and so frantically

It complicates matters gigantically

Lets all shout loud and emphatically

Pick one Language!  While were all still young. 

Ode to Sunscreen

Sunscreen, O Sunscreen

You darken my bright days

You cloak my ivory body

In an artificial haze


Life without you, Sunscreen

Would be an awful sight

Id have to shrink in horror

From the first hint of light


Creamy white or pastel

Makes no never mind

Just trowel it on like mortar

And I will be just fine.