And now, Kathmandu! I don't know if Bob Seger ever made it (despite his plaintive plea, "I think I'm going to Kathmandu / That's really really where I'm going to / If I ever get out of here / I'll go to Kathmandu/"), but I hope so, because it's a pretty impressive city. Both Buddhist and Hindu temples and architecture, a whole lot of people and cars and scooters, and perhaps even more expats and tourists swarming everywhere. This picture is from a restaurant next to Patan (a suburb)'s Durbar Square (not to be confused with Kathmandu's Durbar Square), a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Hindu Temples featuring some imagery that is not appropriate for this PG-rated website...

This is Evan, in a mirror, taking pictures at one of the temples.

Now, this is the real Kathmandu - people EVERYWHERE, more people than faux North Face shops or guest laundries.

Here's a little local temple on the way to the Kathmandu version of Durbar Square.

We also saw this calf making himself at home in the marketplace. He is sacred, after all...

In Durbar Square, we saw this tree growing out of the ruins of an old building. What follows are some images of the square taken after night had fallen.

This is the Kathmandu version of Home Depot.

We also visited Swayambhunath, a collection of temples and other buildings on top of a hill. It's also known as the Monkey Temple; and, I'm afraid, I was more interested in taking pictures of the monkeys.

These monkeys took a break after a hard day of scampering and watched the sun set over Kathmandu.

OK, here's one picture of the temple, and it's actually devoid of monkeys. That makes it a reasonably difficult picture to take.

Besides Kathmandu, we also visited Chitwan National Park, in Southern Nepal. There we were hoping to see bengal tigers, but to cut to the chase, we didn't see any. That didn't stop us from taking an elephant safari in hopes of seeing tigers. This is Angela, standing next to the elephant we rode on safari.

Evan rode the next elephant down the line, then we could take pictures of each other on elephants.

The elephants easily forded the river.

We saw deer and crocodile, but the highlight of the safari was seeing rhinos.

In fact, mom and son rhino; or, mom and daughter rhino, I don't know.

And, we saw this bird, I think a falcon.

This croc was taking a break in the mud.

The next morning, we rode really unstable canoes down the river... do bird watching. We saw this great egret floating around...

Then, we ended up at an elephant breeding center, seeing working elphants...

...and baby elephants.

On the way back to Kathmandu the bus needed to make use of its spare tire.

Many of the truckers on the road decorated their vehicles. I guess they want to make a statement with their style and substance.

Traffic was healthy in all directions, on all roads in Nepal.

This is a fruit stand we saw as... "We're going to Kathmandu! Yes it's really really where we're going to..."