The city of Montreal site on a large island in the St. Lawrence River. This is a scene from Mt. Royal, the highest point on the island. In the center of the frame is the track & field stadium from the 1976 Olympics and the former home of the Montreal Expos.

The city has a great old town, with a lot of interesting architecture and skinny streets. This large building is an old market and a current boutique shop mini-mall. It's called the Bonsecour Marche.

Near the market is the City Hall. We took this picture from our hotel on the first night we arrived. BTW, an important safety tip for all your travellers out there: Make sure you don't confuse the arrival time of your flight with the departure time and arrive at the airport many hours late. Wew still managed to get to Montreal on the right day, but about four hours late.

The most famous church in town is Notre Dame. Here's the facade...

...and here's the interior. Celine Deon was married in front of that alter.

Across the street from Notre Dame is this cute little skyscraper. It was meant to resemble the Empire State Building.

At the edge of old town is a four block Chinatown, featuring this very well decorated Holiday Inn.

On the north shore of the river is this interesting set of condos. It was originally built for the 1967 World Expo, and was called Habitat 67. They were designed by Moshe Safdie as affordable, non-cookie cutter housing. The architect was unable to get similar projects funded in other cities; now, ironically, each unit is impressively expensive because of their unique architecture and functional design.