Frank Lloyd Wright designed a number of buildings for Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Flordia late in his career, between 1941-1958.  These buildings are known collectively as the "Child of the Sun" and you can read about them on Wikipedia:

The campus features more than a mile of Esplanade, low ceiling walkways that connect all the buildings Mr. Wright designed.  I find them a little too low; they seem to accomidate studens 6'4" and shorter.  It illustrates Mr. Wright's theory of compression, and it's darned pleasant in the Flordia sun.

These are the light fixtures in the President's office.

This is the centerpiece of Mr. Wright's building on South Florida's campus, the Annie Pfeffer Chapel. 

The interior of the Chapel, roughly the view you would have attending services and seated right across from the pulpit..

All of the buildings feature these colored blocks that help provide light and color into the buildings.  This is a side room in the Chapel, and...

...These are on the stairway between the first and second floor.

The view from the second floor.

There is another church next door, called Danforth Chapel ; it features this impressive wall of glass.

The exterior of the Danforth Chapel.

This is the courtyard of a building that was originally designed to be a dining hall and student center, but is used for classroom and performance space.

The exterior of that same building.  The round section is Mr. Wright's only theater in the round. 

The fountain behind us is called the Water Dome.  almost everything you see in these pictures has been recently restored; the college is doing a great job of maintaining their archtectural treasure.