And now, Seoul, South Korea.  A city or more millions than I can count, it's just city as far as anyone can see.  This is the view (on Christmas Day) from the 63rd Floor of an building featuring a restaurant and observation deck.

The sun setting over a large city.  This is the view from our hotel.

The South Gate looking resplendent at night.

Kyongbokkung is another Temple in town, at the base of this protecting mountain.

This is a "Party House" at Kyongbokkung.

One of the buildings of Chang Dokkung Temple.

A plum tree. It looks like it might have had a part in the second Lord of the Rings movie.

We made a day trip to the DMZ.  This is the "Freedom Bridge." When the truce was declared to end the Korean War, this was the bridge which allow prisoners from both sides to return home.

This war memorial, showing brothers on opposite sides of the conflict, is in Seoul.

Below are pictures of dancers and acrobats at a Korean Cultural Park near Seoul.