I saw this paddlewheeler plying the waters near Ketchikan.  Isn't she a beaut?

Ketchikan is famous for three things: rain, totem poles and Creek Street.  
Creek Street was the red light district, built on a wodden pier along the creek right along the mountain next to town.

That's a real gold nugget in my hand; alas, I didn't take it home.

This playful little seal was surfing in the rapids in the creek

When then drove over to the Alaskan State Park where many totem poles have been moved and preserved.  There are totems from several different native american traditions.

This picture is a mosaic of two shots; it pieced together pretty well, didn't it?

This is from a modern totem back in town.

Ah, what a beautiful, long sunset we had that night as we sailed off towards Vancouver.

We had one sea day before reaching Vancouver.  Here is a Canadian outpost on a narrow part of the inside passage.

A landscape.

This is the keel of a a ship that won't be sailing again soon.