After seven days at sea crossing the Pacific,  our first real glance of land was some small islands leading into Resurrection Bay near Seward, Alaska.  

Further in the bay, we saw these waterfalls cascading down the steep canyons of the bay.

These Tufted Puffins flew along near our ship.

And these Murres were resting on the water.

These are the mountains across the harbour from the marina in Whittier, the port for Anchorage (about 1.5 hours away).  The mist over the bay was just wonderful.
This was the first day of an incredible run of great weather in Alaska.  In mid to late may in Southeast Alaska, I think about three drops of rain fell on us.  That's incredible.

This highrise in the tiny town of Whittier was built by the Army in the World War II timeframe.  It's now condos.

After crossing through the tunnel between Whittier and the rest of the Kenai Peninsula, almost immediately you reach Portage Glacier and Lake.
The glacier has receded a great deal, but it's still a breautiful spot.

I don't remember exactly where this is, but I think it's pretty.

This moose was standing right near a busy highway.  He appeared shortly after Angela did the traditional Athabaskan Moose Call:  "Here, moosey-moosey-moosey!"

Moose, ready for his close-up.

We visited a little town called Hope, right on the Cook Inlet.  There's not much there these days, but it looks nice to me.