We're in Juneau!  This is the current address of the most famous Alaskan these days, Sarah Palin.

The most famous site in Juneau (or, actually, just outside it) is the Mendenhall Glacier.

This is Angela and her dad Paul, and Kyle and his parents Robert and Frankie, at Mendenhall Glacier.

Just to the right of the picture above are the spectacular Nugget Falls.

This beaver wasn't very busy on this particular day.  Perhaps he's been laid off in the economic downturn.

This Arctic Tern knew exactly where he's supposed to nest.  This is right next to the Mendenhall Glacier, just like the beaver above.

We continued further down the road away from Juneau (which someday may connect to Skagway) and stopped at the Shrine of St Therese, which is built on a small island.  
Someone planted these tulips on the mainland, just before the causeway leading to the island.

This is the church itself.

Before sailing away, I saw this float plane landing just beyond the bridge to Douglas.

Sometimes we saw whole flocks of birds on the water around us.