Each year, a new hotel is built out of ice and lasts until the thaw. The hotel is built near a resort about 30 minutes outside Quebec City. This picture shows the exterior, and how it is made of packed snow arranged in a series of arches and pinnacles.

These wooden doors are the entrance which lead into the lobby and the bar.

Inside, within the snow walls, are many features carved out of beautiful ice. Here is a worker melting part of a block of ice to be able to attach it to another block to make a table.

Here's a chair made by the same process, just out of more blocks of shaped ice.

The walls of the entrance way were impregnated with these little bits of greenery. The Chandelier in the center is also made of ice and weighs a ton, give or take.

Also in the lobby was this ice vase filled with flowers. I bet they remain remarkably fresh at about 30 degrees F.

This is the view from the lobby towards the bar.

The bar is (not suprisingly) made of ice. The next few pictures are all from the bar area.

The fridge makes me laugh. It's not to keep things cold, as much as to keep them from getting too cold. The interior of the hotel is kept at 4 -6 degrees below freezing.

I'm drinking out of a glass made of ice. It certainly keeps the beverage at the right temperature. Every overnight guest gets a complimentary drink of Vodka mixed with choice of juice.

We're trying our hands at ice carving. With only 50 more years of practice, we can make our own hotel.

Another view of the main lobby, this time from the bar.

A nice little lounge area, where you can sit and contemplate the meaning of ice...

This hall leads to the rooms. There are two types of rooms, the basic and the theme suites. The suites aren't appreciably bigger, but they are each decorated with unique snow and ice carvings. The next few pictures show some of the suites.

Near the bedrooms is the outdoor spa. In my opinion, the water should be kept somewhat warmer, but that's just me. Advice from the hotel staff was to soak in the spa to get warm then hurry up to dry yourself and get in bed rightaway.

In the same courtyard with the spa is the WC. Luckily, that room and its fixtures is not made of ice.

The doors could have been a bit taller...

This is Angela, almost ready for bed. She still has to take off her coat and zip completely up in the sleeping bag, rated for -40 degrees. Kyle felt rather claustrophobic in the mummy bag, so slept in his coat and used the bag for the bottom half. We made it through the night until the hot chocolate in bed was delivered in the morning. By the way, if you choose not to stay over night, you can just pay a fee for a tour.