The first stop on this Asian-Pacific adventure was Hong Kong.  This is Angela and I standing on Victoria Peak and overlooking Victoria Harbour.
This was early in the morning, thanks to our jet lag waking us up at the crack of dawn.

Latter that day we went with Angela's cousin Kermit's family (wife Dora and daughter Heather shown here, Angus is not in the picture)...

To visit a big Buddha.  In the rain.  We feel that the Buddha should have definitely appreciated our devotion this day.

This is Angela's cousin Kris and his wife Phylis.  

Paul and his brothers (on his left) and their cousin (far right).

We went to the horse races one day at the HK Jockey Club.

Everyone won at least one bet - but that one didn't always cover the less lucky bets.  But it was a lot of fun.

Afterwards, we rode on a wood-panel double-decker tram like this one. Hong Kong is the only place with this type of tram.

After dinner one night, we saw some very fresh seafood.