Here's a cornucopia of pictures of Greece:  the steps leading up to the Acropolis in Athens.

Two scenes from the beautiful little island of Aegina, nor far from Athens, this orthodox church and an olive tree.

Ancient Olympia; that's Kyle, on the track, but he didn't earn a laurel wreath.  

Two views of Corinth; the entrance to Mycenea and the Corinthian Canal.

We made a day trip to the island of Hydra in spring.  No cars are allowed on this island, so it's nice and quiet.  It was also nice and hot, so we got a serious working walking up the path to where we took this picture.  The church you see in the next two shots are on top of the hill.

The Pancreator, or Apollo?  You be the judge.

A mountain view on the large island of Evia.

Now, the island of Crete.  We were on Crete for the Millenium holiday.  These pots and the distinctive columns below are from the ancient site of Knossos.

A cute, young Angela on a cute waterfront.

This picture and the next one were taken on the same day, on Eastern Crete.

Now, a few beautiful shots of Mykonos, including the famous windmills and a Flying Dolphin Hydrofoil.

This is where the Oracle of Delphi hung out, in olden days.  Oh, that place is called Delphi.

And now the most spectacular monistaries on the planet, all on the big rocks of Meteora. The James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only" was partially filmed here.

A nice little off-shore castle, somewhere in the Pelopenese

This picture and the one below are from near ancient Sparta.

The Temple of Poseidon.  Word of warning to those who visit Greece:  be ready to climb some hills.