We had a perfect day in Glacier Bay National Park.  The sun was shining ALL DAY LONG, and seeing the glaciers in that blinding light was amazing.
This is Reid Glacier, which was saw from a distance on our way in the bay.  At that point, we were already on water that was filling in with Glacier 150 years ago.

This is a far away shot of the Great Pacific Glacier.  This is the main glacier of Glacier Bay,
but it doesn't look that pretty these days with its terminal morraine all over its face (see zoomed in picture below).

Just to the left of the above pictures is this beauty, the Margerie Glacier.  This is where we dwelled for an hour or so, watching the glacier calve.  
We saw some ice fall off the face (see below), but never the spectacular Greyhound Bus sized chunks of ice we were hoping for.

We also saw some Mountain Goats and a few Black Bears.  My bear picture isn't as good as this goat picture, though, so I'm just including the goats.

Paul and Angela in front of the Lamplugh Glacier.

The naturalists from the National Park Service spent the day on the boat with us, and then hopped on their boat to go home.
I took this picture without looking through the viewfinder, dangling my camera over the side of the boat (with my strap still around my neck, mind you).

We even saw quite a few humpback whales.  This guy waved his fin for many minutes.

This was the best whale tail picture I was able to take.  We did see a few whales breeching, but I was never able to get my camera on them in time.

Another puffin.

This gull was nice enough to fly over me without befouling my camera.

I call this shot, "The Lovebirds."  They were catching a ride on a a growler, floating out of the bay.

Another fine sunset.