I don't remember for sure, but I think this is on top of the Arc d'Triumphe.  Though we're a little dark in the foreground, the Eiffel Tower is nicely lit.  I guess that's not too bad, eh?

I. M. Pei designed this new entrance for the Lourve, and though mixing modern with classic is a dangerous gambit in this case it's seemed to have worked out wonderfully.  We spent part of two days in the Lourve, seeing the big three (Mona, Venus, and Winged Victory) and some of their collection of Egyptian artifacts and art. 

Versailles, the palace of the French Kings on the outskirts of Paris, is a beautiful castle with spectacular gardens behind it.  If you have to be royal and spend every day and night in appalling luxury, there are certainly worse places to do it than here.    However, if you know what's good for you, hold back on the "Let them eat cake," remarks. 

The fabled White Cliffs of Dover. As you can see, the sun was even shining just a bit today, or at least close enough to shining to draw out the small sailboats in the foreground.

This is a hovercraft working the English Channel route.  We took one just like this back to Calais, and we recommending it highly over Eurostar trains through the Chunnel, mostly because of Eurostar's insistence on pricing their train rides like airplane flights so you have to book weeks in advance to avoid paying straight through the nose.  if you have ever considered following our travel advice, please follow this: take the hovercraft and a couple of trains to travel between the Two Cities, not Eurostar.  Thank you.