Forget Murray Head singing, "One Night in Bangkok." This is the story of One Night in Fairbanks. We started off the evening at the Ice Carving Championship at a park in Fairbanks.
It was a beautiful clear night, and we walked all around the park looking at impressive ice carvings. But, that's not what I'm posting here: this is us, posing in an ice whale.

Then, we drove about 15 miles out of town to the top of a ski area with an open view of the northern sky on a perfectly clear night. The northern lights were outstanding. They were covering almost half the sky at times, and were showing different colors and moving very fast at times, too. This is the first shot I kept; I took a bunch more before figuring out which settings on the camera work best. The building in front is a maintenance building for the ski area, complete with the heavy equipment in front.

This is from when the lights were moving fast and showing the reddish color at the edges.

And then, well after midnight, the green took over most of the sky. It was a perfect night in Fairbanks.