Ah, Czechia! What a wonderful country. Just East of the former East Germany, just north of Austria, it's in a sweet spot of Europe. And, compared to anything in the West, it is ridiculously cheap! Let's start with the most obvious tourist pix: The Astronomical Clock in Prague.

And now, a slightly different perspective on the same icon.

The clock is just next to the main square in Prague. In that square, there seems to be a non-stop bubble salesman. I like the image, even if it's not a traditional tourist attraction.

In another part of Prague, we were on our way to a Soviet-era communications tower with art climbing on it. Near where we got off the public transport, we saw this beautiful church with what looks like a very top-heavy clock tower. Very nice architecture; it was closed, though, so we couldn't see what the interior looked like.

This is the tower I mentioned. The art work is a collection of these "babies" climbing up the tower.

Just a short drive from Prague is the spa town of Karlovy Vary. This picture is of the most famous hotel in town, the Hotel Pupp. It has become famous in the last few years as the exterior used as the Casino Royale in the James Bond film "Casino Royale."

The waters of Karlovy Vary are supposed to be good for your health; they certainly are not very good for your taste buds. This fountain is in a concrete building built behind the Iron Curtain for Soviet and other Eastern Bloc tourists.

Also a day trip from Prague is the castle town of Karlstejn. The castle is on a hill and requires a pretty dedicated climb to visit. When we got there the English tours were all sold out so we took a Czech tour with a very generous guide who gave us English translations of what he was saying.

We visited Cesky Krumlov on our way further East. This tower has a great view over the river through town.

Also an along-the-road stop was Trebic. It has a great, long, beautiful town square (kind of a town oval). These are a couple of the beautiful buildings lining that town square.