Ah, Cyprus, that beautiful island in the Eastern Med!  This is a theater overlooking the sea at Kourion.

Everyone remembers Botocelli's Venus on a sea shell, rising from the sea, right?  Well, by tradition, Aphrodite (the Greek name for that goddess) rose from the sea near the rock, on the road to Paphos.

We're having dinner with Angela's college friend Editta and her husband Costas.

These are traditional ovens, but Angela and I didn't know that originally.  They look sort of like dog houses sold in Alaska that look like little igloos, called Dogloos.  When we asked Editta why they are up on tables or stilts like that; doesn't that make it difficult for the dog to get in?  When they realized what we were talking it, be laughed for the rest of the day.  Dogloo, indeed.

This statue in Nicosia looks sort of like a glass plate version of the Michelin man.

This mosaic is in a roman ruin called the House of Aion, near Paphos.