For Snorkeling and Diving in Belize, there are two islands that seem to have most of the market cornered:  Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye.  The prices are quite a bit more managable at Caye Caulker, so that's the one we chose.  This is out hotel, the Tropical Paradise.

Hurrican Hattie, in 1961, divided the thin Caye in two.  This is the waterway between the two halves, known as The Split.

There are few cars on Caye Caulker.  Instead, the golf cart is the vehicle of choice.  Here's two, parked in front of a popular small grocerie on a Saturday Night.

We took two snorkeling trips from Caye Caulker.  The first is to the reef nearby.  This picture Angela took, of a Spotted Eagle Ray.  The following pictures were taken by our guide Immer with his digital camera.  We did get to swim with the Green Turtle and sharks (small, friendly ones) while snorkeling, which is great.  We just didn't get as good of pictures as Immer did.

The fish below the turtle sometimes swam on top of him as well.  They seemed to use the turtle as their means of protection in the big ocean; I'm not sure what the turtle received from the deal, though.

Do you recognize the tall guy in a dive skin waving at the camera?  I tried really hard not to get sunburned while snorkeling, but still sunburned my head.  Time to buy a swim cap...

Our second trip was to the Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye.  The Blue Hole is world famous for being a deep hole with underwater caves.  It's also hard to get a good picture of from the surface.  Look here for a good shot.  Here's Angela snorkeling:

Ths sunbathers enjoyed the time at the Blue Hole, too. This is after their dive and right after we were lookingn at sharks (see below):

There was a sailboat sharing the Blue Hole with us this morning (on 23 Feb 08).  Shortly before we left, the people on the sailboat were going out for a dive and were nice enough to wave to me.  So, let's do an internet experiment.  If anyone recognizes anyone on this boat (or was one of the people on the boat), please e-mail me at  Thanx.

Next stop, Half Moon Caye.  This island is very popular with both Red Footed Boobies and the Great Frigate Bird.  The Frigate Birds were in full courting season, as demonstrated by the males puffing up the red sacks under their beaks to try to attract females.  First, some Great Frigate Bird Pictures:

And now, pictures of Red Footed Boobies

And, lastly, one more picture from the beach.  Belize is a great place to visit, especially when it is wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere.