The island of Bora Bora consists of a main island...

...very nearly surrounded by a series of barrier islands called Motu.  We stayed in a bungalow resort on one of the Motu; in fact, on the one you see in this picture.

This is the main island from our hotel.

And this is the pier for the boats that take you back to the airport or to the main island. 
Staying on the Motu was nice and quiet, but it probably is better to stay on the main island. 
It's still quiet, and you get more lunch / dinner options.

This is a view of the main island.  We had rented bicycles for the day, we rounded the corner, and saw something that looks like a postcard.

On another day, we climbed up to a lookout and saw this view of the western side of the island. 
If you like lush greens, brilliant blues, and a warm, protected lagoon, Bora Bora is a nice place to visit.

Most of the resorts have bungalows over water.  We didn't stay in one, because they are that large step up from rather expensive to very expensive.

Another view of the main island from our hotel.
If you look really, really closely, just right of center, you'll see Kyle, standing less than knee deep in the water. 
The lagoon is amazingly shallow, for the most part, and only certain channels of it are deep enough for the boats to get through.

And the sun sets over the main island.  Good night.