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Bamberg's Old Rat House, built between two bridges and with the bright paintings on the side, is a striking site.

Bamberg's "Smirking Angel", inside the Dom (Main Cathedral) in town.  He's famous for his strange smile, much the same as the Mona Lisa. 
OK, not in the same way as the Mona Lisa, but you get what I mean.

The real and the fake, together in the courtyard of a good Spanish Restaurant where we had lunch.

The main alter of the Frauen Kirche in Bamberg, in the Rocco style

The part of Bamberg called "Little Venice" along the river.

St. Michaels in the distance, a lovely old church on a hill on the edge of town. 
In the foreground in a garden at the Residenz, the Palace in town.  It's right across the square from the Dom in town.

"The Rider" inside the Dom.  It's famous for its symmetry and fine features. 
It was one of the images in Germany embraced by the Third Reich as an example of the Aryan Ideal