Ah, Bali, that little island of Indonesia where evil spirits can be confused by making them walk around a corner and the surf's up practically year round.  Not being plagued with evil spirits or surf boards, we went sightseeing instead.  This is a hindu temple called Pura Besakih, the Mother Temple, in the mountains of Bali.

This cone (and the volcanic rocks in the foreground) reminds tourists of Bali's volcanic origins.

There are temples on the coasts, too.  This is Pura Tanah Lot...

...and this is near .  This spot is know for it's monkeys and their affinity for tourist's eyeglasses.  Below is a little bloke wearing a mohawk:

This is the entrance to the Elephant Cave.  Beware the advertising, though; there were not elephants inside.

This little dragon is trying to protect the temple behind him. 
I don't think he looks all that scary, though...

This guys is doing his guarding in a sarong.  Definite style points.

These beautifully terraced hillsides are throughout the island. 
It makes a great symbol for the entire country.

Here are the golden doors of Pura Tanam Saras Wati.