We started our trip by thinking with our stomachs.  This bakery is in a small town called Bird in Hand.  We highly recommend the peanut butter fudge, the scones, the muffins, the Shoofly Pie...well, I think we recommend everything. 

This is a real one-room school house run by and for the Amish community.  We saw the kids out at recess.

In a small town of Lititz, we had lunch at a nice restaurant (Cafe Zum Anker).  It's strangest feature was the "lady" bathing in the men's room.

We stopped in Hershey, Pennsylvania, too, and toured Chocolate World.  You can tell it's Hershey, Pennsylvania by looking at the street light.

Though the Amish and Mennonite Communities are sometimes called the "Pennsylvania Dutch", they are mostly of German Ancestory (Dutch being a mis-spelling or interpretation of Deutsch).  Some distant or not-so-distant relative got here a few hundred years ago...