While touring around Southern Spain, we stopped for two days in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. We stayed in Spain and walked into Gibraltar. This involves waiting for there to be a gap in airplane traffic and then walking across the runway. It's a great viewpoint for the famous Rock.

After our first day in Gibraltar, we crossed the runway shortly before a flight was ready to depart. We waited on the Spanish side of the runway and watched the plane take off.

This is what the airport looks like from the top of the Rock.

Angela posed nicely in front of the Rock.

One of the main tourist attractions on the Rock are the Barbary Macaques that hang out and steal things from tourists. These two held still long enough for a picture.

The area now called Gibraltar was first settled by the Moors (people from Morocco). This mosque is an indication that there are still Muslims in the territory.

And, it wouldn't be a trip to a coast without a picture of a lighthouse. The Med is only about 8 miles wide at this point, so it is a strategically important place.